Why you should take Duolingo?

Are you seeking for an English Proficiency exam that is both easy to access and secure? Make sure to read the guide below.

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Why you should take Duolingo?

What is Duolingo?

Duolingo is the most popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world, with more than 500 million users. The company’s mission is to make education free, fun, and available to all. Duolingo is designed to feel like a game and scientifically proven to be effective. In addition to its core platform, the company created the Duolingo English Test, an affordable and convenient language certification option that is accepted by thousands of institutions.

What is the Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Test is a modern English proficiency assessment for today’s international students and institutions. The test is available online, on demand. You don’t have to make an appointment or travel to a test center—you can take the test from your home via a computer and webcam.  

The test is administered using computer adaptive technology, meaning that the question difficulty adapts to each test taker. The test also integrates a video interview and writing sample, which are sent to an institution along with your proficiency score when you send your results.

The entire test experience takes just under an hour. Test results are certified within 48 hours, and they can be shared with an unlimited number of institutions.

Why should I take the Duolingo English Test?

The Duolingo English Test is a more convenient, accessible, and cost-effective English proficiency assessment. It is accepted by thousands of institutions worldwide.

Traditional English proficiency exams are often difficult to schedule, require travel to a test center, have long and stressful testing experiences, and cost over $200 USD. The Duolingo English Test can be taken online, on demand from your computer for only $49. The results are available within 48 hours, and you can share your results with an unlimited number of institutions.

In addition, the Duolingo English Test offers the opportunity to showcase yourself in addition to your English ability through the integration of a video interview and writing sample alongside a proficiency score.

When and where can I take the Duolingo English Test?

One of the advantages of the Duolingo English Test is that you can choose your own testing environment and testing time. There are a few general guidelines to help you consider where and when to take the test.


Take the test when and where you feel most comfortable. This doesn’t have to be in your own home, as long as you can ensure privacy.


You don’t want any background noise to interfere with your responses or distract you.


Make sure no one disturbs you. Tip: put a “do not disturb” note on the door!


The proctors will need to be able to clearly see you throughout the test, so make sure the room is not too dark. 

How often can I take the Duolingo English Test?

Once you complete and submit a test, you will need to wait for your results before taking a new test. You may purchase three tests in a 30 day period. This period starts on the day you purchase your first test.

How long are my Duolingo English Test results valid for?

Results for the Duolingo English Test are valid for two years.

How long does the Duolingo English Test take?

The Duolingo English Test takes about one hour to complete.

Test Policies, Rules, and Requirements

Test Policies

  1. Use only one account to take the test
  2. You have 21 days to take the test after purchasing. If you purchase a 2-test bundle, you have an additional 21 days after you receive a result for the first test.
  3. You may purchase 3 tests in any 30 day period

Test Rules

  1. Must be alone in a quiet, well-lit room
  2. Ears must be visible and uncovered
  3. Face must be visible and unobscured
  4. No headphones or earphones
  5. No outside materials including mobile devices, notes, or textbooks
  6. No copying or memorizing responses from other sources
  7. No communication with anyone else
  8. No writing utensils or paper
  9. Do not look away from the screen
  10. Do not leave the test window for any reason
  11. Do not use any predictive input method or grammar/spelling checkers
  12. Do not use any third party web camera software
  13. Disconnect a second monitor and close any software that enables screen sharing or remote access
  14. Type on only one keyboard and use only one mouse
  15. Speak for at least 30 seconds on the topics presented during the graded speaking section
  16. Do not use another person's name or ID information to take the test

Test Requirements

 You must have

  1. Your passport
  2. A quiet, well-lit room
  3. 60 minutes of free time
  4. A reliable internet connection
  5. A computer

Your computer must have

  1. A front-facing camera
  2. A microphone
  3. Speakers

* If you violate any of these rules, Duolingo reserves the right to invalidate your test results and take more severe measures as listed above.

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