Project Description

Why GlobeDock

Learning bachelor degree at world class university through support from experienced education experts will avoid future regrets by students. The following core points need to be considered.

Core Principles:

Our goal is to enable all high school students find the right course in the university which best fits their qualifications and needs. We even help students who are unable to afford the tuition expenses to study abroad through securing scholarships to the maximum possible level based on their academic achievements.  In addition to that GlobeDock has the necessary experience and precise information which enables students to make a clear decision making our company your best choice! 

Experience and Networks:

Our many years of experience in the area has helped us to create a huge network of opportunities. Students are commonly consulted and assisted with application process to join universities in different countries with main focus to the U.S.A, Canada, Poland, South Korea & China.  Moreover, we have regional offices in different parts of Ethiopia; Mekelle, Hawassa, etc.  aiming to reach all Ethiopian students. Our well-handled networks and effective linkages with reputable high-schools makes us the best gate to fulfill the study dreams of young and energetic Ethiopians.

Partnership and Database:

We work closely with more than 120 leading universities and colleges worldwide.  This has enabled us to make ease the process of researching different universities that can best fit each client accordingly. These universities are keenly selected based on their overall quality education. We have clear information of the different departments, payments, success rate of students and the technical supports provided by each universities. These facts helped us to develop database of reliable and competent universities.

Focus on Interest of Students:

The success of students is highly dependent on understanding their own interests and capabilities. For this reason, our company spends a considerable amount of time in clearly understanding the interests of each client to find the right university and right courses that match them best. This is why our motto deals with “YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR CONCERN”
Although the primary concerns are students, we advise students to come during the first visit with their parents so that it will have clear understanding of their close family members.

Dedicated experts:

GlobeDock has experts (from all relevant disciplines) who are always ready to assist you in consulting, identifying, and securing acceptance at the right institution, as per your interest.  You may visit our office to discuss or get consultations from them in person. Our office is always open.

International English Test Such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT:

Truly speaking, our English Instructors are very well qualified and be sure to get the necessary training on the International English Test. Our company has all the necessary tools and documents to help students earn the best scores in their international exams. We begin our guidance starting from registration.

Continuum of Support by International Education Experts:

The support of our company does not end when applicants receive their acceptance letter.  Our dedicated experts continue their support until the students are settled at their respective destinations. We are even keeping our linkages while they study abroad. This is considered by the students as great encouragement.

What to expect when you first come to visit us?

When you first come to our office you will be received by one of our experts who will thoroughly explain and discuss with you on the following points:

  • Educational Focus – Educational status and experience, timeline, budget and career dream

  • Interests – courses that match needs of students, preferred country, field of study and universality
  • The application processes

  • English proficiency test

  • Visa – requirements for visa and our specialized support
  • Events – upcoming information of events that might be of interest to you

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