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Facts about Studying abroad

  • You could improve your soft skills, like the ability to work and to interact with people from different countries.

  • Improve your CV: employers often look for confident people have done interesting things hence, studying abroad improves your chance of getting a job.

  • You will definitely improve your language and communication skills.

  • Becoming independent!

  • Gaining confidence; studying in another country takes courage, you will do things you don’t usually do. Succeeding in these new life style and facing new challenges gives you more confidence.

  • Making friends and meeting new people from different backgrounds.

  • The food! Traveling to new countries enables you to experience the amazing dishes! who doesn’t enjoy a great meal?!

  • The experience “studying abroad” could influence your interactions with persons from different cultures.

  • Studying abroad is essential because in 2025, 45 % of the world’s largest companies will be based in emerging markets.

  • While attending a language course in another country, you will meet natives, but also students from other countries.

  • If you want to study abroad, you could choose the country you want.

  • Most employers think that an international experience is important.

  • Studying abroad makes you richer: You know yourself better after being in another country.

  • The global number of students who study abroad rises with an annual increase of 10 %.

  • Studying abroad may not be as expensive as you think it is: there are always countries which are less expensive than others.

  • About 25 % of students meet their life partner during a stay abroad.

  • Graduates with an international background (like studying abroad) will get greater professional responsibility.

Through Globedock, it is Wise to Make Your Dream of Studying Abroad a Reality!