Project Description

Are you ready to apply?

We get it – studying overseas is a big decision. It’s not every day you fly across the world. But for us, it’s our everyday duty. Let’s just say we know what international students really want: a balance of a quality education, affordable price and amazing life experiences.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get from students just like you.

Studying abroad is a big step to take. All students get nervous about starting a new course but for international students you will be getting used to a new country, new city and potentially another language and or accent.

All of these things add up to an incredible adventure!

However, it’s a great idea to talk openly about any concerns you have before applying with your family as well as one of our counselors so that you are confident and ready to take the next step. Chatting to other friends or teachers who have also studied overseas will also give you some valuable tips and real-life advice to consider.

Are you really ready for overseas study?

High-school students come to us for advice and help on everything from choosing a study country, university or course as well as course application assistance. We also provide advice on university selection, SAT/TOEFL, accommodation options, visa applications and even link you up with other support partners such as education loan providers, property rental agents.

We assist students to apply to universities, schools and colleges in United States of America, Canada, Poland, the Germany, China and South Korea.

Our experienced Globedock counselors will help you put together your application and certify the supporting documents, with nothing missed. Your counselor will then submit your application on your behalf to your preferred university or institution of choice.

You can schedule an appointment with one of our counselor by calling on +251 942 202070/71. We also welcome walk-ins on any working hour between 8:30AM and 5:30PM Monday to Friday and Saturdays 10:00AM and 4:00PM. Normally, we work more than the specified time for organizing documents, checking the status of each applicant and making communications with universities and partners, abroad.

It takes four to six weeks to process a university/course application. It may take longer if it is during peak period or a holiday season. We know this can feel like a really long wait! We’ll keep communicating with you during this time to help you keep calm and hope for the best. Please be aware that universities have cycles in each academic year. After acceptance, you will have ample time to deal with visa and other preparations. However, the earlier the application is the better the outcome.