Project Description

Pre-departure Support

We’ll help you feel at home, abroad

We’re committed to making sure you feel supported every step of your study abroad journey. Proper preparation for your studies overseas is vital to your success. We want you to have the tools you need for your best possible study experience.

That’s why our counselors are always available to answer your queries and help settle your efforts and we host pre-departure briefings throughout the year to help you prepare for life in your new country.

These pre-departure orientation sessions will help you navigate personal and cultural growth opportunities while you’re abroad. In some case, we link new students with our former students to assist for the integration of newly arriving students.

It’s important that you have some knowledge of local culture and customs before arriving in your study country. This will ease your transition into the community and help you interact with your new classmates more effectively. Half of the fun of going abroad is learning about the things people from the host country and other cultures do differently.

When you study overseas, you’ll need to adjust to a new learning environment, where there may be different learning styles, classroom environments and expectations. You’ll also be getting used to know cultural norms as a student.

Culture shock is a symptom of having to adjust to a culture different than your own. Culture shock is real and plays an important role in adjusting to your study country. We’ll discuss how to recognize culture shock and outline some techniques that will enable you to cope and adjust yourself.

Whether it’s academic support, English language help or visa advice, we will outline for you some of the practical supports that are available to international students.

One of the first things on your to-do list when you arrive in your new study country will be setting up a bank account. Having a local bank account will ensure that you have easy access to your money to pay for your accommodation, tuition fees and living expenses.

Working while you study can help complement your study and living experience. We’ll discuss how to stay within the rules of your student visa and give you some tips on finding a good student job in the nearby areas.